Fortnite is Gone, Fortnite is Back

The wait is coming to an end for Fortnite players. Deprived for two days of their favorite Battle Royale, they will finally be able to recover with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 1. A new map and a set of novelties are expected!

After being temporarily put to sleep by its publisher Epic Games, the update of the second chapter Fortnite is available since 10 am on Tuesday. And since 11:45, it is finally possible to play.

Sunday, October 13 at 8 pm, a black hole sucked the world of Fortnite, the famous video game and left the players deprived, forced to fix the image of a black hole without being able to connect to the famous Battle Royale. It’s almost over since Epic Games, the publisher of the game, has allowed the players, almost 40 hours after the cut, to install the update of season 1 of chapter 2. Since 10 hours on Tuesday, it is available on PC (about 15GB), consoles (about 20GB on Xbox) and mobile. Around 11:45, it was finally possible to play.

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Fortnite is Gone, Fortnite is BackFortnite is Gone, Fortnite is Back