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Ebola Build, One year ago, I wanted to upgrade my Dell XPS by adding a GPU EVGA GeForce GT 740 4GB Superclocked. At that time, the Pascale wasn’t released yet. I was willing to add some more RAM and a good mouse.

Once I tasted the power of shopping, I couldn’t stop! It took me one year to buy all the parts needed for a new powerful Budget Dream PC.

During this year, many plans changed, the main one is that I switched from the z170 to the x99 to have more cores and to make 2IN1 Workstation & Gaming PC.

So here we are now! I finally built the PC I wanted to, and I’m happy and proud to share this new experience with you.

The parts were bought from all around the world :p – Canada, USA, Spain and France.

CPU:* I started with buying the 6700k, then I sold it and bought the 6800k. I needed more cores, since I wanted to have a workstation.

CPU COOLER: Well, the decision wasn’t hard. I had the choice between the kraken 61 & Corsair H100i v2. For me, both were good, but I chose the NZXT only for the RGB lighting.

MOTHERBOARD: I bought the Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO, but since I changed the CPU I had to change the motherboard as well. The best one that I found with plenty of options at a good price (for me) was the Asus ROG STRIX X99 GAMING.

STORAGE: OS Drive : I started with buying the SanDisk 1G non NVME, then I sold it and I bought the M2 Plextor NVME 512. I didn’t go for Samsung because of the price, and up to now I’m happy with the Plextor.

GAME Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB x 2 to make them in raid 0, and let me tell you that it makes a difference.BENCH

STORAGE: Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5″ 7200RPM.

VIDEO CARD: In the beginning, I bought the MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G, but as soon as the Hybrid was released, I immediately switched for the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Seahawk. It’s a beast! I love it. It’s cooler and makes less noise, that’s why I don’t even want to upgrade to the TI right now.BENCH

CASE: Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX ATX Mid Tower Is a Good case, Good design, easy to work on. Many extensions. You still have to be careful with the Glass door, and I also had to drain new holes for the radiator to avoid taking off the hard drive cage below.

POWER SUPPLY: First, I went with the EVGA 800w Gold, then I switched to the 1300 in case I want to add second GPU in SLI or something else, it’s a good PS with nice sleeved cable, the only downside is that the fan makes a low noise.

Microsoft Windows 10: First time in my life since 2000, I would get a licenced copy of windows (I’m from North Africa: p) so this practice is legit :p

SOUND CARD: Creative Labs Z. It makes a difference. The sound coming out from this card is crystal clear and more amplified. It also has an option to clean noise while recording and amplify the voice.

FANS: The Corsair Air Series AF140 Red 66.4 CFM 140mm Do the job, draining good amount of air silently with a nice led lighting design.

MONITOR: Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q 34.0″ 3440×1440 100H. If you can afford it, buy it! The only downside, is when you are used to it, all other monitors become a crap!

KEYBOARD: G.Skill RIPJAWS KM780 RGB nice keyboard. I’m happy with it, although I have too many option that I’m not using :p

MOUSE: Logitech G502l Is perfect for me. You can customise the DPI, Weight, color and the Optical Sensors.

HEADPHONE: Logitech G430 7.1 Channel. Great headphone for the price. Doesn’t make my ear sweat, and its 7.1 give me a big advantage in Rainbow Six Siege.

SPEAKERS: Logitech Z623 200W 2.1ch. These speakers are too much powerful for me. I can’t use them even at 50% or the neighbours will call the police!! REVIEW

MOUSE PAD: RED SCORPION – Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, Let the mouse go smoothly. It doesn’t miss. Good material.

CHAIR: DXRacer Racing – Well, it’s a nice chair with lifetime warranty, but I think there is too much marketing on it, which could make it overpriced. After using it for a while, I couldn’t feel that it was worth the price.


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  • Karim lahlou

    Nice configuration

  • akram

    I’m about to build my first PC Gamer in the next weeks. Thank you very much for the video, its insanely helpful! I’ll watch it like 5 times just to be sure.

  • diedna

    Merci pour le partage, très pratique pour découvrir comment monter son ordinateur gamer, soi-même.
    J’ai quelques questions :
    1- Quel est l’utilité du disque dur M2 ? Samsung EVO pour l’OS/Apps et le M2 pour l’installation des jeux ? avec le RAID0 que tu as mis en place l’EVO ne serait pas plus rapide ? un benchmark peut-être ?
    2- Est-ce que l’ordinateur est énergivore ?
    3- Est-ce qu’il serait possible d’avoir une video avec le bruit émis par la machine en utilisation ?

    Merci beaucoup!

    • Dolomats

      1) Le M2 et 3fois plus rapide que l SSD se qui rend tous le système plus rapide, le démarrage inclus aussi les app come première pro etc…

      2) dépendament de l’utilisation, en mode utilisation normale (internet, bureautique, films, codage) non.

      En mode Gaming ou montage vidéo, oui

      Pour le bruit oui il fait un peux plus de bruit que les ordinateurs standard, c’est remarquable la nuit quand tous le monde dors.

  • Imane

    Very clear and helpful instructions.
    Straight to the point.
    I recommend.

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