Apex Legends : « Crack ’em knuckles – It’s Rampart time! »

Rampart is a Defensive Apex legends able to create multiple heavily armored protective barriers. Her abilities allow the team to keep dealing damage on enemies from the safety of the Amped Cover.png Amped Cover. She can also deploy a Emplaced Minigun Emplaced Minigun « Sheila », her ultimate, for her and two more for each of her squad mates to use at the same time.

Modded Loader.png Modded Loader, her passive, will make LMGs and the Minigun even deadlier in this modder’s hands.

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Apex Legends : « Crack ’em knuckles – It’s Rampart time! »Apex Legends : « Crack ’em knuckles – It’s Rampart time! »